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You  are your business and how you promote yourself removes you from the competition - it puts you on top.

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You are your business and how you promote yourself removes you from the competition - it puts you on top. At Glass Ark Studios we understand how important your business is to you large or small and strive to deliver your promotional marketing tools from day to day items to trade show, event giveaways and employee recognition. Our mission is to deliver exactly what you need to promote your business in the most positive and cost effective manner. Maintaining existing customer relationships is as important as bringing in new customers and keeping them. We help our customers create and sustain lasting relationships for continued growth and measured progress towards achieving goals. We have what you need. Our most popular products include customized pens, electronics, hats and everyday items that will remind your customers of who you are and what you do for them. As an Authorized Dealer of Kaeser & Blair, we at Glass Ark Studios have the backing and the experience to support you and your business. A Little About Kaeser and Blair, Inc. Kaeser and Blair - "In the Business of Building Business since 1894" Kaeser and Blair is a leader in the fastest growing segment of the Promotional Advertising Industry. Founded in 1894, Kaeser and Blair has over 100 years of continuous, uninterrupted operation through two world wars and the Great Depression. Kaeser and Blair is a family owned and operated national corporation with annual sales exceeding 60 million dollars. Kaeser and Blair has earned a 3A1 credit rating, the highest available for a firm there size.

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What are promotional products?

Promotional Products & Advertising Specialties
is the imprinting of company logo or information on literally tens of thousands of different products to help promote their company name or the theme they have on the product.

  • Multi billion dollar industry with sales exceeding $17 billion.
  • Some of the products that are used are: Wearables, Pens, Calendars, Drinkware, Bags, Desk/Office Products, Magnets, etc. Wearables can comprise of T-shirts, hats, golf shirts, jackets and any other item that you can wear on your person.
  • The business is comprised of two different types of companies: Suppliers & Distributors. The Supplier companies actually produce the product and imprint it with the message. ​
    • Imprinting can be through Embroidery, Silkscreen, Pad Printing, Embossing to name a few.
  • Suppliers do not sell to the general public but distribute their lines through the distributors such as Glass Ark Studios (& Marketing)