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Need a consultation on your logo or artwork?  Or you don't have one?  Let us help!

It can be difficult to get the right size or shape to fit the right promotional products. It may be time to revitalize your current logo. At Glass Ark Studios and Marketing we are always at the ready to consult and make the most of your promotional dollars. 

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We place the orders and work with our distributors to assure on time delivery.  We can also assist with mailings or deliveries. It is important to us to provide your customers with the best possible impressions from the very start.

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Often, a fresh set of eyes to review your plan and find things to meet your budget is just the trick to get things on track.

Whether it is a special event, a reminder of who you are to your current customers or building a new customer base we are here to help you find the best solution. 

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Trickle-Down Marketing

Remember the old days?  Banks would have promotional giveaways. If you opened a new account you'd receive a free toaster, but they would chain their pens to the counter.  

The toasters and chains have all but disappeared.  Now customers are encouraged to use and take away branded items such as pens. Banks, law firms, and other local business all use these giveaways to increase their recognition in the community to remind customers of who they are and what they do.

Additionally, promotional items are often shared with others, resulting in continuous introduction of your business to new customers.  

Definition of 'Trickle-Down Effect'

A phenomenon where an advertisement is rapidly disseminated by word of mouth or by viral marketing. The trickle-down effect works when an ad is very compelling, because of its uniqueness, humor or other outstanding trait.  The result is people become excited to share it with their friends, family and coworkers.

When the trickle-down effect works, it can generate a great deal of exposure for an organization in a short period of time. 

This can be done without the costs traditionally associated when 

advertising through mainstream channels.